interesting gift for boss, friend, ex-friend and much more

From: <jamespeterson(at)>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 07:09:52 -0600 (CST)

Looking to seek revenge?
Would you like to play a practical joke on a friend?

Go to: is a site dedicated to the sending of an anonymous elegant gift box full of premium dog dung to any doorstep. Within a few days, the recipient will receive a gift-wrapped package filled with the amount of dog waste of your taste.

Want to get back at your ex, boss, co-worker or your neighbor who lets his dog go on your front lawn? Easily and anonymously seek perfect reprisal by sending one of our three "Gift Boxes ." Included in the package will be your selected size of dog feces with an option to include a personal message directly from you.

Our service is completely anonymous. The recipient will not be able to find out where the package was sent from and won't know it was from you unless you choose to disclose so in your personal message included with the dung.

James Peterson
DirectDoo Associate

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