Fileing and archiving - urgent!

From: Samer, Michael, IN <Michael.Samer(at)>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 10:33:02 +0200

Hi out there,
is there a software known [Under BSD!] (and probably tried out) to do the
huge data's are coming in every day (~100GB/d), these have to be cached (and
archived) in three decades:
a) HD's (SCSI over SCSI2SCSI Bridge with RAID) ~450GB
b) MO's (DVD-RAM) in a Jukebox ~1,3TB
c) DLT's (roboter with 100 tape-volumes) ~4TB
d) second server for moving old-data to DLT (again)
For the user the filesystem should be perfectely transparent, means you
don't see where they are stored or where they are; you just get it back. The
software should handle the archiving (after a period of time), should handle
the "swapping" to slower MO's and the restoring of the datas. The software
should also handle


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