Re: what do you need in FreeBSD 2.2.7 kernel to burn cd's using cdrecord ?

From: Andreas Klemm <andreas(at)>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 07:57:43 +0200

On Mon, Oct 19, 1998 at 10:25:40PM -0700, Mike Smith wrote:
> >
> > What drivers do I need additionally ????
> I think you're missing the /dev/scgx symlink. Create it and connect it
> to almost anything SCSI-related; /dev/rcd0.ctl is a common choice.

And what driver do I have to compile in for the burner ?
Which of these ?
        device cd0 at scbus0 target 6 unit 0
        device pt0 at scbus0 target 6 unit 0
        device worm0 at scbus0 target 6 unit 0
and additionally these ?

pseudo-device su #scsi user
pseudo-device ssc #super scsi

please note, I'm not running CAM, stock 2.2.7-STABLE.

Thanks for your help !

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