Re: I am a recruiter...personal message...need your help!

From: Stefan Huerter <maulwurf(at)>
Date: 23 Feb 1998 21:41:00 +0100

Guckux Andreas

> > You can get more details on the cities and compensation
> > by clicking on our website listed below.


> Let's see, I'll ask some people ;-)

Du vergaßest etwas, aber der header ist auch noch da...
mal ausprobieren... (Obwohl "Langzeit" im Ausland... hmmm...)


due to two lacks, there can be missing mail:
my Quantum hard Disk (high-end) crashes a second time (head-crash or  
else) and my backup-strategy (very rare). Please resend your mail, if you  
didn't get the next 2 weeks any response. Thanks in advance
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