Re: wu-ftpd Limits

From: Stefan Bethke <stefan(at)>
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 15:44:52 +0100

--On Die, 3. Feb 1998 12:16 Uhr +0100 "Hrvoje Husic" <H.Husic(at)Uni-Koeln.DE>

> I want to limit the number of concurent users accessing the anonymous
> FTP-Server. From the manualpage I know how to display this limit in the
> welcoms-message, but I have no clue where to set it.

Take a look at ftpaccess(5).


Btw, this list is normally in German; if you prefer to talk English, you
might want to direct questions to <questions(at)FreeBSD.ORG> instead.

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