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From: Viviette Fye <00dirksiebert(at)>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 18:55:44 +0200

Looking for Tickets to Sports Events Worldwide? Of course you are! Well, we are here to help you find what you need, whether it's Football, Tennis, Motor Sports, Rugby or any other sport, we've got it!

So, how do you find tickets? Well, unlike regular Ticket Websites that give you a plain list of events according to a league, we have developed a unique location-based search engine, so you could search for events according to the location where they are being held. Let's say you want to find tickets for matches in the Spanish Football League, just go to the "Search by location" box on our website, choose "Spain", "Football", range of dates and click search! Easy, right? Now, you will see a list of events, click on any of them to view the ticket prices and order online. This way, next time you are going away on business or pleasure, you can easily check which sports events are held where you are going and to go see them.

We have also added the ability to search for sports events by competitor. If you want to see all the matches of Real Madrid or tournaments of Rafael Nadal in the next month, just go to the "Search by Competitor" box on our website, type in the name of your favorite competitor, range of dates and click search!

Interested? Confirm your interest sending us a request to avalon.sobrowski12175(at) and we will send you more information immediately!

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"World of Sport" Fnd.

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