From: Stefan Huerter <Stefan_Huerter(at)>
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 02:24:00 -0000

Guckux Joe

> could be that i'm to stupid to download it, may not be, but do i
> really have to
> download every File for it's own or can i download the hole Folder?

welcome here!
for your knowledge: you have written to a german mailing-list, normally we
speak german here :-)
I think you want to have FreeBSD to install it. There are several
- installing over the internet, works fine, you have to download the 2
installations disks, the rest works for itself :-)
- download the FreeBSD-installation image, this is a CD-Rom image, which
you can burn with usual CD-Rom burning application. You can boot from this
image and install the base systems, this image includes also the most
important stuff useful for your system, e.g. XFree86 and so.

And: supports download of folders, if you need this, type
in your ftp-client "get ports.tar" to get the "ports"-dir. (Bad example,
there is also a actual ports.tar.gz available).

And have a look at, you find there a documentation
part called "Getting FreeBSD".


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