Re: Mirroring OpenBSD

From: Dan Langille <dan(at)>
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 02:26:19 +1300

DOH! Never thought this might be you too.

On 29 Jan 00, at 14:14, Wolfram Schneider wrote:

> On 2000-01-29 19:04:26 +1300, Dan Langille wrote:
> > At it mentions you are running
> > an OpenBSD mirror. I'm planning on creating an OpenBSD mirror on a
> > FreeBSD box. Could tell me how you update your OpenBSD cvs
> > repository?
> with CTM

OH! I'd never considered that. Why did you choose CTM? Is cvsup an
option? I think I'd be best to mirror from Australia because it's so close
(100ms ping times).

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