Re: Wer benutzt FreeBSD wofuer ?

From: Julian Stacey <jhs(at)>
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 17:28:11 +0200

Hellmuth Michaelis wrote:
> gibt es irgendwo Statistiken darueber, wieviele FreeBSD Benutzer es (in DE
> / EU) gibt, wieviel Maschinen / Server / Webserver unter FreeBSD laufen ?
> Irgendwelche Artikel, Quellen, URL's ?
> Welche Unternehmen setzen (in DE / EU) FreeBSD ein und wofuer ?
> Wer outet sich

For user group
        Berkeley In Munich (BIM)
(where I'm postmaster@ & majordomo@ ) There are 62 on the mail
list, no fan-out exploders that I know of, a few are in Austria,
Bodensee etc, but most are Muenchners & Umgebung. Most are
FreeBSD, I get the impression 2/3 or more.

> (= darf ich das veroeffentlichen) :-) ?


postmaster(at) might provide semi national figures ?
(may include some Austrians & Swiss & sundry non-native-german-language folk
who read German even if neither resident nor nationals)

Maybe the forthcoming "BSDCon Europe 2001" might later be an indicator,
or maybe its organisers might also be similarly motivated to research
the answers, to estimate their conference requirement. FYI
        Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 17:20:49 +0100
        From: Paul Richards <paul(at)>
        Cc: freebsd-users(at), eug(at)
        Subject: BSDCon Europe 2001
        Message-ID: <133650000.995905249(at)>

        Brighton, UK from 9-11 November 2001.

J.Stacey Munich Unix (FreeBSD, Linux etc) Consultant
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