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Well, I am a kinda "newbie" to FreeBSD, although I have several experience
with other OS and the fuss around that. And as a student (engineer with
telecommunication/network stuff) I also will have to deal with serious OS
in the future.

OK: I want to do two things: Contribute something to a project that is in
my eyes worth being pushed, and as a student, to earn some money and
experience/knowledge/reputation for my studies and later job.

(Please forgive me for using Microshit products, but my whole emailing
resides also for some compatibility/archiving (about 8000 mails) reasons
for years on it. If someone could recommend a product like Eudora Pro for
FreeBSD, I'd be happy ;-) )

Ok: My idea was to do some work in the advocacy field regarding germany,
and contributing to the documentation (translating/working on handbook and
howtos, perhaps a pile/booklet of manpages came to my mind), as my spare
time will allow.

In addition, to pick up the thread where the worthiness of a product was
discussed, there was made the remark, that dealer became interested in
selling Linux, because it moved from hacker status/experimental to an
accepted, documented, and, most important: Pre-packaged bundle with an
actually existing support from the distributors like Suse or RedHat. So
they had only to order a package, put it on the shelf and sell it- no
questions asked... And the customer (especially in germany) believes, that
things, that go for free or almost nothing, are not that valuable. Also,
the availability of FreeBSd in the stores here is quite bad, and when they
finally order it (from Walnut creek), it is quite expensive.

Example: I bought my 3.2 R CD set in Kiel, a city of 300.000, capital of
the state. the book store, which also specialized on lots of Unix/Linux
titles told me, yes they can supply me with that, but it would last 10
days, they have to order. Ok, the 4 CD set without handbook was 69 DM, with
handbook it was 129 DM. (2 DM~1 U$)
The same store sold actual Suse Linux for 69 DM (recommended price is 99 DM).
Suse sells to retail people for about 40/50 DM, so there is much money in it.

Thought was to do something with a german booklet, a nice and snappy
packaging, so that it can compete against a big Linux package sitting next
to it on the shelf.
Of course, here has to be done some work/research with walnut creek, as
they are doing some business also with that, inhowfar one could come
together on that issue.

I'll be happy about any thoughts and input, especially regarding
licensing/legal issues, esp. regarding copying/distribution of CD sets.

Olaf Hoyer
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