Munich Wednesday 29th September 1999

From: Julian Stacey <jhs(at)>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 21:41:06 GMT

> To: de-bsd-chat(at)DE.FreeBSD.ORG
> From: George Dodd <root(at)>
> Hrmm, anything going on there before October 3rd? Ill be in Munich for
> Oktoberfest from this Friday until then.

BSD folk visiting Munich who are at a loose end, & want a change from O'fest
are welcome at our monthly computer contractors stammtisch (not just for BSD,
even M$ Muenchners tolerated in v. small numbers ;-).
  19:30 29th Sept Paulaner Brauhaus, Kapuzinerplatz 5
I'll wear my FreeBSD T shirt, to help recognition (face on web too).

This post sent to
        de-bsd-chat(at)DE.FreeBSD.ORG for the visitors to Munich
        bsd-muc(at) for BIM (Berkeley In Munich) people
(please excuse duplicate if on both lists.

BIM info:
        Mail list bsd-muc@ temporarily hosted but will
        move to soon.

This mail is _Not_ a suggestion for all BSD Munich to turn up at MECC,
Please Dont, we'll do a BSD-Muenchen meeting in a few weeks, with sufficient
warning, but for now, this Wed 29th Sept option is just a low key
lifeline for BSDers who may be in Mu., at a loose end.

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