Re: Oktoberfest

From: Harold Gutch <logix(at)>
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 04:23:18 +0200

On Fri, Sep 24, 1999 at 01:32:27AM +0200, Harold Gutch wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 23, 1999 at 09:55:06PM +0200, Klaus Herrmann wrote:
> >
> > > Hrmm, anything going on there before October 3rd? Ill be in Munich for
> > > Oktoberfest from this Friday until then.
> > >
> > > George Dodd
> >
> > me this friday (24.9.99). maybe somedays later again?
> >
> I'll be there this Saturday (Sep 25th) - we currently planned to
> go there some time in the afternoon and then stay until later on
> at night, but I don't know any exact times etc. yet.
> I'll probably be able to say more or to propose a meeting time
> and point tomorrow.
I'll be at the "5er-looping" at 5 PM (17:00 CEST).
For non-German people, this "thing" is a sort of roller coaster -
it's one of the main attractions (if you ignore the beer tents)
at the Octoberfest. You'll recognize it by the huge word
"Olympia" on it, and that's how it looks, similar to the Olympic
rings. If you're still unable to find it, just ask for the
"5er-loop" - most people will know that name.

I'll be somewhere in front of it - way in front of the huge
masses of people who normally are in front of it - wearing a
FreeBSD t-shirt ;), so you should be able to recognize me even if
you don't know me :).

If one of you people from Munich proposes a better meeting point,
I'll gladly switch over to yours; all of this above is just an
idea of mine.


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