Re: new songs (mp3) from our band ...

From: Stefan Huerter <maulwurf(at)>
Date: 02 Sep 1999 12:14:00 +0200

Guckux Martin

> > G'n'R? Wasn't it Laibach? But all they do is to cover songs. So
> > it might as well be by somebody completely different. ;)
> Laibach do not only cover songs. They have become popular for their
> record "NATO", which consists of cover songs, but they also have
> own titles (which aren't that much popular for simple reasons, I
> think, as I can understand that people sometimes don't like themn
> :-) )

I have all CD-publications of Laibach here! :-) And sure, most of their
songs are interpretations/covers. They have only a hand full or so own


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