Re: FYI: Dutch 1998 FreeBSD WorldCon, October 1998, Arnhem, The Netherlands

From: Thomas Gellekum <tg(at)>
Date: 22 Jun 1998 15:07:51 +0200

[I'm spreading this a bit. See Cc:]

> When will it be held
> --------------------
> The 3 day event starts on Wednesday October 21 and ends on Friday evening.
> This schedule was put together to allow visitors sightseeing trips over
> the Oct 23/24 weekend. The most common Dutch tourist trap, Amsterdam,
> is only 1:10hr away by train. People who arrived by plane can easily fly
> back from Amsterdam Airport after visiting Amsterdam.

We discussed this a bit in Hamburg last weekend. Several people
(including me) complained that it's unlikely for them to find the time
to take three days off within the week. Would it be possible to attend
only one day?

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