Proud to say, that my companies internet gateway is FreeBSD based now

From: Andreas Klemm <andreas(at)>
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 20:40:23 +0200

Hi folks,

a little success story ...
        - is a P200 Machine with 128 MB RAM
        - Tyan Tomcat II board
        - AHA 2940UW
        - 2 x 2.1 GB Quantum Atlas I
        - TDC 4222 5GB Streamer
        - Intel Ether Express 10/100 PCI Network card (if I remember right)

        ->> running FreeBSD-2.2.2

It runs the following services flawlessly:
        - DNS (bind)
        - WWW (apache)
        - ftp (BSD4.4)
        - mail (sendmail)
        - news (inn 1.5.1)
        - proxy (squid)

The machine does it's Job really fast !

The machine runs sshd to make sure, that it can be administrated
remotely. tcp_wrappers is used to protect the machine against
intruders. It's connected via ISDN (64KBit) to the internet, so
don't expect much performance.

The Web pages are still pre pre pre ALPHA, the ones from our
branch office in the US. So don't expect too much at this time.

Only wanted to tell you, that I got it managed to bring
FreeBSD in ;-)

        Andreas ///

Andreas Klemm | - powered by
                    Symmetric MultiProcessor FreeBSD
Received on Tue 15 Jul 1997 - 21:30:52 CEST

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