FreeBSDers met in Berlin yesterday

From: Udo Wolter <uwp(at)>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 09:00:04 +0200 (MET DST)

Hi !

> > Love, Peace and Harmony
> >
> > So what ? We're a Hippie band indeed ! :-)))
> Uh huh, sure. Show us the rest of the lyrics, Udo! :-)

Nope. I don't know them anymore although I wrote them...:-)

By the way, another example to prove that we're a Hippie band:

I were at the opening of a club named "Geschlossene Anstalt". I think in
English it means "memtal home" or "closed establishment" ? The band who was
playing called themselves "Die Untoten" which means "The living Dead". It was
a real nice evening: skins, punks & goths in one room (the last time I've
seen those 3 groups in one room must be in the early 80s), and almost no
trouble (just one beating between a skin and a punk, but the skin gets thrown
out of the club). The band really was NO Hippie band. They played extremely
loud and fast and even Motoerhead are a Hippie band compared with this crap.

By the way: There was no FreeBSD-machine in the room, not even a Linux-machine,
not even a DOS-machine, not even a machine ! Everything was analog ! This
is a very good feeling, after sitting the whole day in the digital world !


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