2nd International SANE Conference, May 22-25, 2000, Maastricht

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                     Announcement and Call for Papers
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                     2nd International SANE Conference
                              May 22-25, 2000
                        Maastricht, The Netherlands
 A conference organized by the NLUUG, the UNIX User Group - The Netherlands
   co-sponsored by USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association, and
                               Stichting NLnet

Technology is advancing, the systems administration profession is changing
rapidly, and you have to master new skills to keep apace. At the second
International SANE (System Administration and Networking) conference you'll
find a wealth of opportunities to meet other system administrators and
network (security) professionals with similar interests, while attending a
program that brings you the latest in tools, techniques, security and
networking. You can learn from tutorials, refereed papers, invited talks,
work-in-progress (WIP) and Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions. Visit the
Vendor Exhibition for the hottest products and the latest books available.
The official language at the conference will be English. The conference
be located at the Maastricht Exposition and Conference Center, MECC.

On Monday May 22 and Tuesday May 23, a large selection of practical,
problem-solving, in-depth tutorials will be presented to you by the most
authoritative, popular and widely acclaimed speakers.

Following the tutorial days, Wednesday May 24 and Thursday May 25 will
comprehensive technical sessions, including keynote address, presentations
of refereed papers, invited talks and BoFs.
The social event and the enjoyable inSANE Quiz will help you getting to
other professionals in your field.

Presentations are being solicited in areas including but not limited to:
   * Security tools and techniques: Network Intrusion Detection Systems,
     Firewalls, VPNs, practical cryptography and auditing
   * Web security fundamentals and practical web site maintenance
   * Network monitoring and traffic shaping solutions
   * System and network performance tuning
   * Managing enterprise-wide e-mail and fighting junkmail (sometimes
     mistakenly referred to as 'spam')
   * Experiences with Open Source software (including operating systems) in
     a professional environment
   * Innovative system administration tools & techniques
   * Distributed or automated system administration
   * Adventures in nomadic and wireless computing
   * Intranet development, support, and maintenance
   * Integrating new networking technologies
   * Integration of heterogeneous platforms
   * Support strategies in use at your site
   * Effective training techniques for system administration and users

An extended abstract is required for the paper selection process: details
how to submit an abstract will be published at the web site listed below.
Abstracts accompanied by non-disclosure agreement forms are not acceptable
and will be returned unread.
Authors of accepted submissions must provide a final paper for publication
in the conference proceedings. These final papers are held in the highest
confidence prior to publication in the conference proceedings. By agreeing
to present your paper at SANE 2000, you also give license to the SANE 2000
conference organizers that it may be published in the members-only area on
the NLUUG web site and/or in the conference CD-ROM.

The conference facilitates Work-In-Progress (WIP) sessions in parallel to
the main conference tracks. WIPs are informal, 20-minute talks that give
the opportunity to share your current unfinished work with others in the
field. So, if you have a topic of interest that is not very well suited for
a refereed paper submission, please submit a proposal for a WIP session to
the WIP Coordinator at the address: <sane2000-wip(at)nluug.nl>

Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions are highly interactive, informal
gatherings of attendees interested in a particular topic. BoFs enable
attendees to discuss topics of mutual interest and to build professional
relationships with other people who share similar interests. A BoF that is
already being planned is a PGP key-signing BoF (or party).
If you want to schedule a BoF prior to the conference, please contact the
BoF coordinator at the address: <sane2000-bofs(at)nluug.nl>

 Extended abstracts due: November 1, 1999
 Notification to speakers: November 12, 1999
 Final papers due: March 24, 2000

Program co-chairs <sane2000-chair(at)nluug.nl>
  Bob Eskes, Applied System's Research, Hollandse Signaalapparaten, Hengelo
  Edwin Kremer, Department of Computer Science, Utrecht University
Tutorial Coordinator <sane2000-tut(at)nluug.nl>
  Jos Alsters, C&CZ, KU Nijmegen
Program Committee
  Jaap Akkerhuis, SIDNL, Arnhem
  Michel Anders, Tunix, Nijmegen
  Walter Belgers, Origin, Eindhoven
  Fred Donck, Shell Services International, Rijswijk
  Peter Honeyman, USENIX
  Brad Knowles, Belgacom Skynet SA/NV, Brussels
Event Organization <sane2000-org(at)nluug.nl>
  Marielle Klatten, NLUUG
  Monique Rours, NLUUG
  Wytze van der Raay, NLnet Foundation

     Complete program and registration information will be available in
   December 1999. For the latest information about the conference, please
     visit the SANE 2000 web site: http://www.nluug.nl/events/sane2000/
    For questions not being answered at this web site, please contact the
                                NLUUG office
                     by e-mail: sane2000-info(at)nluug.nl

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